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Master Shin In-young


Master Shin In-young is a celebrated fifth-generation blacksmith from Anseong, South Korea, home to the oldest blacksmithing lineage in the country. His superior handmade knives and farming tools earned him the title of Intangible Cultural Heritage Treasure #60 by Gyeonggi Province in 2016. Known as the only artisan who still practices a traditional technique of attaching steel sheets to clay, he is deeply dedicated to preserving ancient craft techniques. Master Shin's creations are works of functional art, made from repurposed railroad track steel and chestnut wood handles. His designs consider various factors such as soil type and user’s dominant hand, while displaying elegance and simplicity. His unique X banding technique, "dang ghi," is a mark of quality on his blades, along with the #60 heritage status symbol. His commitment to the art, evident in the thousand times he hammers steel for the perfect knife edge, adds to his unique style and contribution to South Korea's cultural heritage.

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