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Gessato Design Store
Gessato Design Store

Gessato started as a place for products we love. It will always remain that way. The first product we ever sold was the Hippo Doormat designed by the pioneering studio Droog. Now our store features products from celebrated designers as well as from young creative minds and small design studios.

We don’t sell brands; we sell the results of creativity, love, and craftsmanship.

We carry goods designed by the talented, inventive minds of our time. We believe that a house shouldn’t have too many things; a few well-chosen pieces, each with a story and a timeless design, can make it feel like a home you can’t wait to return to.

Italian design is legendary and we’re proud to celebrate our heritage, starting with our name.

Gessato is the Italian term for “pinstripe.” The word is sophisticated yet playful, symbolizing effortless elegance. Above all, it conveys the importance of the small things in life. The finest of lines can completely transform a design. Pronounced with a soft “g” like “gelato,” “Gessato” is about the little details that dot the way in our far-reaching pursuit of perfection. A passion for design may flow through our veins, but we also value innovation, craftsmanship, sustainability, and high quality. This translates into the selection of products you can find in our store.

Our products find their home in cozy New York apartments, spacious houses, or the corporate world.

We supply furniture, lighting, or décor items to architecture firms, offices, or businesses. Quality, like design, is paramount. We test all the products to make sure they rise to our exacting standards. We sell beautiful designs made to stand the test of time. That’s why we don’t invest much in paid advertising. We build relationships and forge connections with our customers and followers through social media and our blog. As a result, we have shipped to 56 countries around the world (and counting).


Gessato also works with commercial clients, architects, and interior designers, helping to outfit some of the most iconic brands, locales, and productions across the country with acclaimed contemporary design pieces. Here are a few of our clients.

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