Gessato Design Store
Gessato Design Store

Our Genesis and Mission

Gessato was born from a passion for products that not only capture the eye but also the heart. Our journey began with the iconic Hippo Doormat from the avant-garde studio Droog. Since then, we’ve expanded to feature a curated selection from esteemed designers, as well as emerging talents and boutique studios. Unlike many retailers, we’re not in the business of selling brands. Rather, we deal in the currency of creativity, devotion, and skilled craftsmanship.

The Essence of Our Inventory

Within our curated offerings, you’ll find treasures shaped by some of the most ingenious and resourceful minds of our era. We operate on the belief that less is truly more; a home should be a sanctuary, graced by a few well-chosen pieces, each replete with its own story and ageless design. This philosophy extends to our clientele as well; whether it’s a snug New York apartment, a sprawling house, or a cutting-edge corporate setting, our products find homes where quality and aesthetics are revered.

Rooted in Italian Elegance

And speaking of homes, our roots are deeply planted in the fertile soil of Italian design—legendary in its own right. Our name, Gessato, refers to the Italian word for “pinstripe.” This name serves as a fitting symbol for what we stand for: understated sophistication, punctuated by attention to the finest details. Just as a single line can redefine an entire design, we believe in the transformative power of those little details, a belief that threads its way through every product we select for our store.

Uncompromising Quality

Quality, for us, is not just an adjective but a commitment. Each product we carry is rigorously vetted to meet our exacting standards. We’re less interested in the transient glare of paid advertising and more invested in forging lasting relationships. We prefer to connect organically with our community, whether it’s through the digital tapestry of social media or the rich narratives on our blog. This authentic engagement has allowed us to ship our carefully selected products to an expansive list of 56 countries worldwide.

Collaborations and Clientele

In addition to individual enthusiasts of design, we also collaborate with commercial clients, architects, and interior designers. Our carefully curated selections have found their way into some of the most iconic brands, spaces, and productions nationwide. The essence of Gessato goes beyond the products; it’s about a lifestyle, a way of looking at the world through a lens of quality, creativity, and timeless elegance.


Phew, that should cover it! But hey, if you think we’ve missed a stitch or if you have specific questions, please get in touch. We’re all ears!

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