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Blueside Emotional Design was established by Roberto Falocci in 2009. Following on the footsteps of his father and their family business Steroglass that produces specialized glass tools for technical industries, he created a brand that fuses traditional glassware making techniques and Italian design. The brand’s name represents the different facets of the color blue, including its connection to nature and to nobility as well as its calming effect and link to the musical genre of blues. Blueside Emotional Design collaborates with talented Italian and international designers to make timeless glassware. Crafted by master artisans, each product is entirely handmade and one of a kind. The company also uses borosilicate glass that provides more durability as well as better shock and thermal resistance. The Blueside Emotional Design collection includes a wide range of products, from glasses, coffee pots, and vases to lighting and jewelry.

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