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Richard Brendon

Immersed in a creative environment from an early age, Notting Hill-native Richard Brendon went on to study design at university. During that time, he worked in a pub near the iconic Portobello Market in West London, a place filled with antique British porcelain items. After realizing that the market featured a surplus of vintage saucers due to teacups breaking, he started to develop a creative concept. Made for the designer’s graduate exhibition, the series of mirrored cups that allowed antique saucer patterns to come to life in reflective surfaces became a hit. The designer established the Richard Brendon brand soon after, in 2013. Now, the company works with leading British companies to create contemporary tableware with a timeless design. Master craftspeople produce all of the brand’s products. The collections aim to maximize the enjoyment of food and drink while challenging perceptions of traditional materials like fine china and cut crystal.

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