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Timo Sarpaneva


An iconic designer and artist, Timo Sarpaneva (1926-2006) created innovative designs that helped transform Finland into a powerhouse of progressive design in the 1950s. Apart from his pioneering glass work that blended art and function, the designer also worked with textiles, metal, porcelain, and wood. Timo Sarpaneva collaborated with Finnish brand Iittala for years, designing the company’s famous ‘i’ logo. For Iittala, the designer created several successful designs. The emblematic Sarpaneva cast iron pot from 1959 became an international design icon. It was honored with a Finnish postal stamp in 1998. Timo Sarpaneva has received various awards and mentions, including a Lunning Prize, Milan Triennale awards, and a Pro Finlandia Medal of the Order of the Lion of Finland in 1958.

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