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Steffen Juul


Steffen Juul, a graduate of the Danish Design School, has been a luminary in the Copenhagen design scene since establishing his own studio in 1997. His design philosophy centers on the magnetic pull of beauty—the intangible allure that prompts interaction between user and object. Juul's work is an alchemy of form, function, and emotion, where superfluous elements are pared away to reveal the essence of design. For Juul, attraction is the cornerstone of design, invoking love, passion, or joy. This passion for aesthetic appeal drives his creative process, with a steadfast commitment to the user's experience. He believes that the flux of time reshapes our relationship with our possessions, and this perspective fuels his ambition to craft designs that anticipate the needs and desires of tomorrow. Steffen Juul's creations are not just objects, but experiences, meant to evolve with time and resonate with their users on a profound level.

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