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Simone Brewster


Simone Brewster is a distinguished London-based artist and designer recognized for her striking, large-scale sculptural furniture, objets d'art, and intricate jewelry. An alumnus of the Bartlett School of Architecture and the Royal College of Art, Simone masterfully marries architectural principles with intimate architectures, exploring the interplay between texture, form, memory, and emotion. Her works, deeply rooted in her Caribbean heritage and European educational influences, act as dialogues between diverse histories, exhibited globally, including at the British Embassy and the Saatchi Gallery. Celebrated for her innovative approach, Simone has been featured in eminent publications like Vogue UK, Vanity Fair, and Elle Decoration. Her profound creations, exhibiting structural complexity and nuanced detailing, continue to elevate the global design landscape, offering a rich tapestry of cultural expressions and a unique aesthetic perspective.

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