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Simo Heikkilä


Simo Heikkilä (1943) is a Finnish furniture and interior designer whose work focuses on preserving traditional craftsmanship and Nordic design principles. He graduated with an interior design degree from the Ateneum School of Applied Arts in 1967. After completing his studies, he started working for Marimekko on exhibition and retail design. In 1971, he established his own studio and began working on furniture design projects. Simo Heikkilä received a 15-year grant from the Central Arts Council of Finland in 1988, which allowed him to focus on experimental designs and to participate in international exhibitions. In recent years, he has acted as the Director of the Wood Studio department at the Aalto University of Art and Design in Helsinki, where he also teaches furniture design. Simo Heikkilä has received prestigious awards and distinctions for his work, including the Pro Finlandia medal and the Kaj Franck Design Prize. He currently lives and works in Korpilahti, Finland.

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