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Signe Hytte


Signe Hytte is the epitome of a design purist. She finds allure in the bare core of objects, always aiming to eliminate superfluity without compromising the intrinsic value. Prior to earning her degree from Denmark's renowned TEKO Design and Business School, Hytte honed her understanding of aesthetics and culture at Aarhus University. In her words, she is fueled by "a profound aspiration to create unique, yet not over-complicated designs. The goal is to craft something simple, meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing to both view and live with." Hytte's designs never originate from a void. She often draws inspiration from structured frameworks like geometry, as demonstrated by her iconic Journey lamp. Her creative process started with the basic forms of a sphere and a rectangle. Hytte explains, "Upon illuminating the lamp, the sphere mirrors the image of the moon, nestled in the rectangle, which plays the role of a cradle. It's somewhat reminiscent of a child's toy, where the sphere rolls down a track propelled by its own momentum, until it finally settles." The journey symbolized by this lamp, according to her, is an inner voyage - it's about venturing to new horizons in your thoughts and ideas, without physically moving. The lamp serves as a beacon, illuminating the path for new insights and fresh beginnings.

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