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Sam Hecht & Kim Colin


When we first met with Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, we all talked about creating a furniture collection that brings people together, to suit the way we would like to eat, study, play and work, whether indoors or out. The result is Run – a collection of tables, benches and shelves, inspired by the collective congenial atmosphere around public furniture like canteen tables, park benches and library shelves. Like these, Run feels natural for one to use and many to share. Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco CEO: “Our collaboration with Sam Hecht and Kim Colin began with knowledge and admiration for Sam’s work. I knew that Sam had the technical talent to create a cohesive solution that would work with all our chairs. With Run, Sam and Kim have designed a collection of “pure utility.” Whether long or short, high or low, inside or outside, Run is a system that provides an architect or designer an adaptable tool that works for any application.”

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