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Rikke Frost


Rikke Frost, a graduate from the School of Architecture Aarhus, channels the essence of Danish design through her work. Since founding her Aarhus-based studio in 2004, she has cultivated a design philosophy deeply rooted in the principles of Nordic simplicity, emphasizing sensory engagement. Her approach is marked by an acute attention to detail, where she skillfully interplays with colors and introduces unexpected elements to craft a cohesive design narrative. Frost's belief in the unique tactile and functional qualities that emerge from the interplay of different materials is a cornerstone of her creative process.Her designs, such as the Haak hook, Dot pendants, and the Verde mirror and table, showcase her affinity for merging materials and embracing gentle, flowing lines. Frost's early collaboration with WOUD marked a significant chapter in her career, influencing the WOUD collection profoundly with her distinctive range of products. Her contributions to the design world extend beyond her products, establishing her as an influential figure in modern design. Her passion for blending materials and soft lines is evident in her notable designs like the Haak hook, Dot pendants, and Verde mirror and table. A pioneer in her field, Frost was among the first designers to collaborate with WOUD. This partnership has been fruitful, significantly influencing the WOUD collection with her range of products. Frost's contribution to design extends beyond her creations, marking her as a key figure in the contemporary design landscape.

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