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Philip Bro


Philip Bro, a Danish designer renowned for his innovative and playful approach to serious design, has been a prominent figure in the design world since graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 1989. With a career that blossomed from the establishment of his own studio in Copenhagen, Bro has developed a diverse portfolio that includes striking furniture and lighting designs. His work extends beyond creation, influencing future designers through his workshops at the Danish Design School and India's National Institute of Design. Bro's design ethos is anchored in practicality, yet he consistently integrates a creative twist, thereby continuing the rich tradition of Scandinavian design. His designs are marked by a commitment to simplicity and functionality, perfectly exemplified by pieces like the Illusion hanger, which playfully distorts perception, and the Stone pendant, a design inspired by the natural form of beach stones, illustrating his ability to draw inspiration from nature. Bro's work is not just about creating functional items, but about crafting a unique narrative in each piece, making everyday objects a source of inspiration and delight.

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