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Peter Holmblad


Born in 1934, Peter Holmblad acted as Stelton’s Export Manager in the ‘60s. He became the owner of the company by the end of the ‘70s and occupied the position until 2004. In 1967, a close connection between Peter Holmblad and legendary designer Arne Jacobsen led to the launch of the iconic Cylinda Line. The collection made history and marked Stelton as a leading design brand on an international stage. Apart from running the company, Peter Holmblad has also designed several well-known Stelton products over the years. These include the ultra-minimalist Original Bottle Opener, the Original Corkscrew, and the popular Stelton Watering Can. All of Peter Holmblad’s products showcase a clean, pure form alongside a function-focused design. Today, he acts as a member of Stelton’s board of directors and has remained a guiding force in the company.

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