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Pat Kim


Hailing from Virginia, Pat Kim is a distinguished alumnus of the Pratt Institute, where he earned his degree in Industrial Design in 2009. Following a fruitful internship at Fisher-Price and gaining valuable experience in the world of high-end furniture design and fabrication, Pat made the ambitious leap to establish his own design studio nestled in the creative hub of Red Hook, Brooklyn. In his studio, Pat concentrates on the design of toys and furniture, marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal. However, his creative prowess does not stop there. He also ventures into the realms of home accessories and jewelry, demonstrating his versatile design skills. His creations, infused with a spirit of playfulness and reflection, aim to transcend fleeting trends and become timeless pieces. In his leisure hours, Pat cultivates a rich range of hobbies. He finds solace in the kitchen, exploring different recipes and cooking techniques. His affinity for gardening clearly showcases his deep-rooted appreciation for nature. He also practices archery, a sport that complements his precise and focused approach to design.

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