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Orfeo Quagliata


Orfeo Quagliata is an Industrial Designer. He brings more than two decades of experience with glass with Studio Orfeo Quagliata, blending design with an artisan´s dedication to craftsmanship. Born in San Francisco in 1972, Orfeo is the son of acclaimed glass artist Narcissus Quagliata, a leading figure in the 1960s American Studio Glass Movement. Orfeo´s eclectic design approach points to early influences drawn from his father´s work and also his grandmother, Herta Jalkotzy, an award-winning jewelry designer in the Wiener Werkstätte collective, founded by Gustav Klimt. His work follows an inherited tradition in glass and jewelry , while articulating a bold, maverick style uniquely his own. Orfeo currently lives and works in Mexico City, his home since 2000.

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