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Miriam Mirri


Hailing from the charming city of Bologna, this talented Italian designer has made her mark in the design world. Currently based in Milan, she established her office in 2010, where she continues to create her inspiring works. Her educational journey led her to study design and communication at the prestigious Università del Progetto. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with various renowned design companies, including a notable partnership with Stefano Giovannoni until 1999. Afterward, in 2000, she ventured into the realm of freelance design, crafting an impressive portfolio that spans across houseware, pet accessories, day and night objects, watches, complements, and furniture. One of her significant collaborations was with the esteemed brand, Alessi. Her creative brilliance has earned her a spot in both national and international exhibitions, where her works have been admired by design enthusiasts worldwide. Beyond her creative pursuits, she generously shares her knowledge and expertise through design workshops at the Università del Progetto and the Domus Academy in Milan. Additionally, she has had the privilege of presenting her works at various design master courses, leaving a lasting impact on the aspiring designers who have had the opportunity to learn from her.

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