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Mathias De Ferm


Mathias De Ferm, born in 1985, is a renowned product and furniture designer based in Antwerp, Belgium. He's acclaimed for his unique approach to design, viewing it as a social tool rather than just a functional construct. His designs, spanning furniture, products, lighting, and micro-architecture, exhibit a serene and warm-hearted aesthetic, frequently incorporating durable materials. Educated in product development and furniture design, with additional degrees in metalwork and carpentry, De Ferm launched his independent design career in 2010. His extensive portfolio includes award-winning furniture collections, innovative barbecues, custom outdoor structures, and cookware. He also applies his design prowess to residential and commercial interior spaces. Mathias De Ferm's work underscores his belief in design as a social facilitator, his dedication to sustainable craftsmanship, and his holistic approach, making him a significant figure in contemporary design.

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