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Masami Takahashi


Masami Takahashi, born in 1974 in Tokyo's Sumida City, is a multifaceted designer and creative consultant renowned for her conceptual prowess. A graduate of Kuwasawa Design School's Graphic Design Department, she founded MASAMI DESIGN in 1997. Takahashi has carved a niche in diverse fields such as graphic design, packaging, product design, interior design, and corporate identity. With her work philosophy rooted in "Invisible Design" and "Design of Society," she explores the historical and societal context of her projects, devising dynamic narratives and future visions. Known for her unique ability to simultaneously consider "macro and micro points of view," Takahashi formulates designs that serve as social solutions. She is also an advocate for "connecting the past with the future," a philosophy that has earned her widespread acclaim. Engaging with a range of clients—from corporations and industry groups to government bodies—Takahashi's influence extends beyond Japan; she is a sought-after speaker at universities and industry events worldwide.

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