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Marianne Abelsson


Marianne Abelsson is a renowned textile designer with an extensive career, celebrated for her innovative and distinct designs. Having received her education at the Textile School in Borås, Marianne has been a dynamic presence in the design world since her inception with Design House Stockholm in 1997. She balances a unique aesthetic with functionality, evidenced by her acclaimed Pleece collection. This multifaceted designer also created the minimalist ceramic clock Tid and the elegant Table Light candlestick. Her ventures extend to the delightful Cutting Board range and the sophisticated pleated felt Runner and Pillowcase, reflecting her diversified design palette. Running her own successful business, Marianne's prolific work extends to collaborations with notable companies like Almedahls and Borås Wäfveri. Her designs, characterized by their timeless elegance and innovative approach, have not only contributed significantly to contemporary design but have also solidified her standing in the international design community.

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