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Maija Puoskari


Maija Puoskari, a designer deeply inspired by the beauty of nature and the simplicity of her childhood, was born in the quaint town of Tornio in northern Finland. Growing up, she spent most of her time outdoors, fostering a strong connection with the natural world. This passion for nature led her to a career as a florist before she pursued higher education in design. Puoskari completed her bachelor's degree in Ceramic and Glass Design and later earned a Master of Arts in Applied Art and Design from the prestigious Aalto University. Puoskari's love for nature is evident in her design work, which exudes a sense of organic simplicity and environmental consciousness in both shape and material. Her creations often feature elements inspired by the natural world, such as the acorn-shaped Terho lamp series, with "terho" meaning "acorn" in Finnish, or her Hippa lamp, which she showcased at the Puhdetyö exhibition during Helsinki Design Week 2019. More than just mimicking natural forms, Puoskari is dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility through her choice of materials. She is committed to using only ecologically-sourced and renewable materials in her designs. When she is not running her Helsinki-based design studio or presenting her work at global exhibitions, Maija Puoskari can often be found enjoying her favorite outdoor activities such as fishing, foraging for mushrooms, and spending time around a campfire in the lush, green spaces surrounding the city.

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