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José de la O


Mexican-born and Netherlands-based designer José de la O's work can be categorized into two primary areas: the first focuses on research-driven practices that explore alternative methods of human communication, as seen in projects like Feeling Presence Through Absence (2009) and Transcendental Tunes (2010). The second emphasizes sustainable and culturally ingenious product design, with creations such as Anty-Fly Sphere (2010) and Window Agriculture (2009). In 2010, de la O established Studio José de la O, where he not only continues his research and product design efforts but also offers creative consulting, commissioned work, and design solutions for various clients, including Philips, Kartell, design studios, and artists. That same year, he co-founded The Anthill Collective with other international designers, aiming to investigate the connections between design and other disciplines. The collective's inaugural exhibition, "The SuperOrganism," took place during Dutch Design Week 2010.

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