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Jessika Källeskog


Jessika Källeskog, a distinguished Swedish Designer and Interior Architect, has carved a niche for herself in the global design landscape. Educated at Konstfack University in Stockholm with advanced studies in Florence, Italy, Jessika's academic rigor is palpable in her work. Her designs span from furniture to interiors and sculpture, each project reflecting her keen eye for material possibilities, aesthetic forms, and the visual narrative objects can impart in a space. Originally launching Contour Studio in Milan in 2006, Jessika has since extended her footprint to Stockholm and recently to Ibiza. Though her work is inherently global, her time in Italy remains influential; it has imbued her designs with a unique understanding of sculpture and Italian craftsmanship. Her style focuses on the intricate dialogue between materiality, textures, and form. Whether it’s curating a dynamic space or specializing in bespoke furniture, Jessika’s work embodies a pure attention to experience, always striving for a tailored solution that resonates with the client's needs.

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