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The eminent duo, Peter Hvidt (1916-1986) and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen (1907-1993), were at the forefront of mid-century Danish design, spearheading their Copenhagen-based enterprise, Hvidt & Mølgaard. Their oeuvre, famed for its striking simplicity, carved out a clean and precise aesthetic, giving life to an array of furniture designs throughout their careers, many of which emerged as symbols of their era. The creation of the AX chair in 1950 marked a defining moment for the team. The chair's sleek, meticulously crafted profile solidified their position as proponents of Danish modernism. Simultaneously, their innovative use of laminated wood facilitated mass production and international distribution of this design. This avant-garde approach to industrial production sparked a novel movement that combined the virtues of traditional craftsmanship with the affordability of mass-produced, aesthetically pleasing household items. Both Hvidt and Mølgaard-Nielsen were esteemed for their exceptional technical proficiency. Mølgaard-Nielsen honed his skills in furniture design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts under the mentorship of Kaare Klint. In contrast, Hvidt developed a deep understanding of time-honored craftsmanship during his studies in cabinetry at the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. Their works are exhibited today at notable institutions like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the National Gallery in Melbourne, and the Design Museum in Copenhagen.

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