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Harald Hermanrud


Harald Hermanrud is an acclaimed designer celebrated for his groundbreaking work in modern furniture design. With prestigious awards like the Formland Design Award in 2017 and Monocle Magazine's Best in Class in 2019, Hermanrud gained recognition swiftly after launching his innovative shelving system in 2016. Educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Design School, he expanded his skill set by studying cabinetmaking. His design philosophy is rooted in solving real-world problems, integrating traditional Danish design tenets with a distinct sensibility for materials and craftsmanship. His Frame shelving system stands out for its user-friendly adaptability; it allows users to rearrange shelves effortlessly across different levels without the need for tools. Initially a one-man operation where Hermanrud managed everything from production to orders, Frame has since broadened its reach through a collaboration with Design House Stockholm. While the design largely adheres to Scandinavian traditions, focusing on wooden construction and meticulous joinery, it also incorporates brass nuts as a subtle yet striking design element. This small but significant touch adds a layer of transparency, allowing people to appreciate the construction process—reflecting Hermanrud’s belief in design sincerity.

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