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Hans Sandgren Jakobsen


Born in the heart of Copenhagen in 1963, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen stands as a beacon of design ingenuity. From his beginnings as a skilled cabinet maker to his academic journey at The Danish Design School, his approach to design is a testament to a life dedicated to mastering his craft. An American sojourn brought him close to the Shakers' artisanship, while a stint in Japan with COBO Design showcased his global adaptability. Collaborating with the esteemed Nanna Ditzel added luster to his burgeoning reputation. Today, with partnerships spanning VIA to Light Years, Jakobsen's designs resonate with a signature touch: a seamless union of function and pared-down elegance. His Radon series for Light Years underscores his philosophy—light's magic in transforming spaces, with design that captivates at every glance.

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