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Gustav Rosén


Gustav Rosén, a visionary Swedish designer based in Stockholm, has made a significant impact in the design world. After completing his studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he launched his own studio in 2014, focusing on furniture and lighting design. Rosén's approach is deeply rooted in functionality and aesthetic appeal, with a commitment to innovative design. One of his notable creations is the Eileen hook, a testament to his creative prowess. This piece, named in honor of Eileen Gray, a trailblazer in modern architecture and design, transcends the conventional hook design. Rosén envisioned the Eileen hook as a miniature sculpture, challenging the traditional perceptions of utility objects. What sets it apart is its sculptural quality and the illusion of a complete form through mere outlines. The Eileen hook's ingenuity lies in its multipurpose design, allowing for hanging clothes directly over it or using hangers within its structure. This dual functionality enhances its practicality, making it a versatile addition to any space. Rosén's work not only offers utility but also infuses spaces with a unique artistic flair, reflecting his commitment to creating designs that seamlessly integrate form and function.

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