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Many call him architect, and he responds “I do not have a degree, and please do not put a title in front of my name.” This is Giuliano Mazzuoli who for more than seventy years has lived and worked in the hills around Florence. He says that he discovered design when he was older. He says that there is nothing really left to design these days and that design is actually a reproduction of something that nature already made. You can’t look for it. It “drapes” itself with simplicity and if you know how to recognize it, it will find you. A long list can be made with Giuliano Mazzuoli’s design successes starting from his early work in agenda book design followed by his innovative notebooks with curved or inclined lines and then his writing instruments with an original and fun design. His line of Officina pens were inspired by his childhood memories of a box of tools he used to keep from his grandfather’s bicycle manufacturing factory in Chianti on the hills of Florence. He designed his “Moka” pen while he was scribbling in a notebook during an English lesson. The “Moka” pen, inspired by the coffee-machine designed by Alfonso Bialetti in the 1930s, a symbol of Italian design and a fixture in every Italian home, caught the attention of MoMA in New York and the relationship has spanned almost two decades now. Every year, 3.6.5, one of the companies of the Mazzuoli Group produces for the prestigious museum the MoMA Pocket Calendar using the Stifflexible cover system invented and patented by Giuliano Mazzuoli.

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