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Unconventional and daring, Stockholm-based design studio FOLKFORM subverts traditional norms by celebrating oft-overlooked materials. Founded in 2005 by Anna Holmquist and Chandra Ahlsell, alumni of Stockholm's Konstfack College of Art, Craft and Design, the duo has embarked on a journey to question material hierarchies. Their iconic Bench in Three Types of Leather masterfully juxtaposes real and synthetic leather, fooling the eye, while their Marble Cabinet skillfully blends Carrara marble with laminate alternatives. Rather than distancing themselves from manufacturing, Anna and Chandra actively engage with it—invading chipboard production lines to incorporate organic matter, thereby creating "quick fossils" that make each piece unique yet scalable. Their approach marries industrial mass-production with artisanal singularity, pushing the boundaries of what we deem valuable. FOLKFORM's work serves as a compelling case study in redefining luxury, proving that innovation doesn't always require high-tech solutions; sometimes, its allure lies in the primitive and the unexpected.

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