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Fabricius & Kastholm


Preben Juhl Fabricius (1931-1984) and Jørgen Kastholm (1931-2007), both graduates of the Danish School of Interior Design, collaborated for under a decade but left an indelible mark on global design. Trained respectively in cabinetmaking and blacksmithing, their complementary skills birthed a unique form of luxury that refined Danish Modern aesthetics. With works featured in prestigious museums like São Paulo's Museu de Arte, New York's MoMA, and Paris's Musée d'Art Moderne, they are celebrated for their sleek designs found in international airports, upscale residences, and even early James Bond films. Their iconic P376 pendant lamp, conceived in 1963, embodies their approach: five nested shades in satiny aluminum provide soft, diffused light, capturing their knack for blending architectural nuance and functional elegance.

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