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Ella Shegai


Ella Shegai, a dynamic designer hailing from Siberia and based in Norway, brings a unique perspective to the world of design. Shegai's journey in design began after earning a Master of Arts from Paris X Nanterre University, followed by specialized studies at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Her background in art history deeply influences her work, allowing her to weave cross-cultural styles, motifs, and associations into her product designs. Shegai is renowned for her aesthetic and playful approach, where she explores the versatility of shapes and structures, bringing an element of joy and discovery to everyday objects. Her creation, the Arkiv bookend, is a perfect example of her artistic vision. This piece transforms a simple row of books into an architectural ensemble of arches and blocks. The Arkiv bookend is not just a functional item but a dynamic sculpture, changing its appearance throughout the day as the light dances over its curves, casting harmonious shadows. This design reflects Shegai's fascination with forms and her ability to create pieces that are both utilitarian and visually captivating.

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