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Caroline Wetterling


Swedish designer Caroline Wetteling, born in 1982, is renowned for her innovative work in product, furniture, and interior design. A distinguished alumna of Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, and Beckman’s College of Design, Caroline commenced her illustrious career post her graduation in 2007. Rooted in Stockholm, she has been an embodiment of meticulous design and creativity, with a focus on elevating user engagement and accentuating everyday details. Her holistic approach intertwines spatial context and poetic nuances, allowing materials to narrate the essence of a product and its ambient context. The versatility in her craft enables her to concoct environments and situations that enrich user experiences, making her a cherished asset in the design realm. Caroline, fervent about user-centric design, continues her journey as an independent designer, constantly exploring and broadening her artistic horizons.

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