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Antonio Aricò


Antonio Aricò, an Italian artist, designer, and creative director, distinctively fuses art, craftsmanship, and industrial design elements. Having earned a master's degree from Milan Polytechnic, his work explores themes of design and tradition, focusing on the poetic aspects of contemporary culture. As a creative consultant in Italy, Aricò has spent the past decade crafting products and concepts for global companies, individual collectors, and cultural organizations. His approach emphasizes humanity in design, making the designer, craftsperson, and user feel connected. He combines functionality with romance, fantasy, and archetypes, replacing industrial coldness with the warmth of our past. Offering a range of services from product design to creative direction, Aricò collaborates with renowned international clients, creating unique and emotional works. His well-known Italian-made artisanal design products are sold in prestigious galleries and marketplaces worldwide. Aricò is committed to promoting a poetic approach to consumerism and has taught design at institutions such as RMIT Melbourne and Made Program in Syracuse, Italy. His creations can be found in museums such as the Triennale di Milano and the Holon Design Museum in Tel Aviv.

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