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Antoine Rouzeau


A Paris-based creative force, Antoine excels as both a museum architect at the esteemed Musée d'Orsay and the founder of his own cutting-edge design studio. His educational background in architecture paved the way for him to work alongside prominent architects such as Jean Nouvel, ultimately refining his artistic vision. Antoine's expertise in architecture has allowed him to develop a keen sense for spatial design. This skill is manifested in his unique products, like adaptive shelving and imaginative lighting solutions that complement various architectural settings. His creations, which are tailored to modern living spaces, showcase a distinctive blend of abstract geometry and inventive construction methods. A prime example of Antoine's ingenuity is the Ombre table lamp he crafted for Northern. This piece redefines the relationship between the lamp's base, light source, and shade. Though his lighting designs are centered around practicality, Antoine's penchant for incorporating delicate details elevates the ordinary, infusing a hint of brilliance into daily life.

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