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Amalie Skov Rahbæk


Amalie Skov Rahbæk, a gifted Danish designer, is the creative force behind her own studio, Design by Skov. A graduate of VIA Design and Business School, Rahbæk brings an attentive and thoughtful approach to her work. She remains committed to extending the legacy of Scandinavian design through her creations, which are marked by their simplicity, functionality, and adaptability. Soft contours and a unique mix of materials are the defining features of Rahbæk's portfolio. Notably, her Wallie shelf gained attention when it debuted at the Greenhouse exhibition during the 2016 Stockholm Furniture Fair. Designed with the dual aim of being both a standalone piece and easily integrated with other items, the Wallie shelf encapsulates Rahbæk's dedication to creating versatile and visually appealing designs.

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