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Dive into the timeless elegance of Danish design with the Workshop Lighting Collection, meticulously crafted by A. Wedel-Madsen for Made By Hand. The unique blend of modern and contemporary design elements is encapsulated within the classic Workshop Lamp. Tailored to suit every taste, the shade is available in 12 captivating colors, including the newly introduced Wine Red. This special Workshop edition manifests the charm of polished aluminium and copper, available in five diverse sizes ranging from W1 Ø18 cm. to W5 Ø82 cm. The W3 model, in particular, illuminates your living room with the perfect ambiance. Despite being crafted from aluminium, the lamp exudes solid durability due to its robust shade, firm socket, and durable wire cloth. The Workshop Lamp, an embodiment of meticulously crafted quality, seamlessly combines form and function to illuminate your space.

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