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Safe-T, a Belgian brand, revolutionizes the concept of fire safety with its innovative designer fire extinguishers that also serve as decorative elements for any space. The company was inspired by the thought, “We all need it, why not make it beautiful?” Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are often overlooked and hidden away in the darkest corners of our homes, which is a significant issue. With 1 in 345 households experiencing a fire outbreak this year, and 60% of homes lacking an extinguisher or fire blanket, it’s clear that fire safety is a crucial concern. Safe-T addresses this problem by creating stunning designer fire extinguishers adorned with whimsical and iconic imagery. These attractive designs touch on universal themes that everyone loves, encouraging people to proudly display their fire extinguishers within any room. In doing so, Safe-T ensures that these essential safety devices remain easily accessible during emergencies.

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