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Iittala was established in 1881 as a glass factory in the Iittala village, southern Finland. At the beginning of the 20th-century, Iittala became one of the first brands to switch from producing classic decorative dinnerware to products that embodied progressive Nordic design principles. Iconic designers such as Alvar Aalto, Aino Aalto, Kaj Franck, and Timo Sarpaneva cemented the brand’s status. Today, Iittala collaborates with contemporary designers to continue the legacy of the brand. Iittala collections feature a blend of distinctive character, multi-functionality, and timeless design. The brand aims to make products to last for generations and enrich the users’ lives. Minimalist and versatile, objects from different series work well together. At the same time, they also blend into different interiors with ease. Apart from glassware, the company also produces metal, wood, and porcelain products.

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