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Combekk is a Dutch company that has brought the traditional technique of sand-casting iron back to the country of its origins. Invented in the 17th-century in the Netherlands, this manufacturing method has created the popular cast iron pan, known as ‘Dutch oven’ around the world. Now Combekk is the only Dutch brand that uses the original technique to craft cast iron cookware, in the Netherlands. The company is also dedicated to sustainability. All of its products are made with 100% recycled materials, including old railroad tracks. Extra-thick walls, hand-sprayed enamel coatings, and built-in thermometers ensure that the Combekk pots and pans provide the perfect blend of function and long-lasting quality. Backed by a 40-year warranty, the cast iron collection will stand the test of time. Apart from the cookware range, Combekk also offers a collection of premium leather and wood accessories.

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