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Caran D'Ache

More than just a label, the expression ‘Swiss Made’ is first and foremost a promise and a commitment. It is our promise to maintain the highest standards throughout our manufacturing processes. It is also our commitment to strive for excellence when designing, developing and manufacturing each of our drawing and writing instruments at our workshops in Geneva, Switzerland.
By combining expertise from almost 90 different crafts under the same roof, we have developed the precious knowledge that has gained us trust and recognition in Switzerland and around the world.
Innovation is at the very heart of what we do, from exploring new materials and equipment to integrating the latest techniques and technologies. The many inventions we have patented, which have left their indelible mark on the worlds of both drawing and writing, are testament to this. Innovations, such as the first mechanical pencil, the first water-soluble pencil and the first wax oil pastels, have paved the way for all kinds of inspiration.

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