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Kettle Thermo Jug by Norm Architects

Kettle Thermo Jug by Norm Architects

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SKU: GS-normjug

MENU's Thermo Kettle Jug gets its inspiration from the classic tall cylindrical Asian teapots and the modernist teapots in glass from Bauhaus. The two typologies are merged harmoniously and given a signature Nordic touch of stylishness. The bulky handle gives a fast and secure grip and underlines the modern touch together with the exclusive stainless steel indicator that shows if the pot is open or closed.

Additional Info

Capacity 1 L

The kettle's body is inspired by beautiful cast iron pots known from Asia. It is angled three degrees out to give the jug a stable, sweet and charming expression and at the same time increase the volume without the jug losing its elegant shape," explain designers Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Ronn from Norm. The Thermo Kettle Jug has a new sensationally and effective non-dripping spout, making it absolutely drip-free, when you pour your tea or coffee.

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