Type 75™ Lamp With Wall Bracket



The best products are the ones that give you the freedom to adapt them to different needs. The Anglepoise Type 75™ Lamp with Wall Bracket is one of those products. Designed in 2004 by Sir Kenneth Grange, this simple lamp puts an emphasis on function and flexibility. This version adds even more convenience to the classic design, as it comes with a space-saving, wall-mounting installation system. Easy to install on a wall, the lamp will free up valuable desk space so you can focus on your work. The Anglepoise® constant tension spring technology offers a clever way to direct the light where you need it the most, with a light touch. This lamp features a die cast aluminum wall bracket with a larger plated steel back plate that provides more stability. Apart from the aluminum shade and arms, the wall-mounted lamp also comes with chrome plated fittings. Both matte and brushed aluminum finishes available.

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