Sophie Conran Greenhouse & Indoor Watering Can, Buttermilk

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Watering cans may look a dime a dozen, but once you lay your eyes on this one you’ll know that it’s a cut above the rest. Especially designed by Sophie Conran, this Greenhouse and Indoor Watering can comes in a sweet blue hue that’s sure to capture any gardener’s delicate fantasy.

More than simply looking charming, this particular watering can is a delight to use. The shape was specifically designed to deliver just enough water when needed. Precision is assured with this watering can, which is good news for those who are careful about accidentally inundating their plant pots with too much water!

The shape and feel of the Sophie Conran watering can is the product of precise balance and design, allowing the user to have a firm yet comfortable grip on it. It is also able to hold 1.7 liters of water, which translates into more watering time and fewer trips back to the tap! The durable galvanized steel material is as tough as can be, ensuring that you’ll have lots of great times with this watering can. Whether you use it every day to water your peonies, or you simply have to have it as the ultimate design fixture in your porch, the Sophie Conran Greenhouse and Indoor Watering Can is a fantastic buy!

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Product Description

In need of a new watering can? If you want something functional yet beautiful, your best bet is the Sophie Conran Greenhouse and Indoor Watering Can. The creamy buttermilk color perfectly blends in with anyone’s garden or patio; in fact, it’s a stylish standout all on its own. You’ll find that it also works well as a decoration apart from being a trustworthy tool for gardening!

Apart from its solid good looks, the Sophie Conran Greenhouse and Indoor Watering Can is made out of tough material that’s guaranteed to give you a lot of mileage out of it. Fashioned out of galvanized steel, you wouldn’t find any other material that is as sturdy while being lightweight at the same time – and with the ability to hold 1.7 liters of water. The powder coated finish works well to soften the toughness of the galvanized steel, giving this watering can its appealingly good looks that’s worthy of being displayed.

What’s more, using it is a pleasure. The slim handle is easy to grip, and the angle at which the slender spout tilts is just right for giving you a good amount of control on the water that comes out. As most conventional watering cans tend to spill too much too fast, it is refreshing to use this particular model without worrying that you’ll drown your lovely begonias!


  • Material: powder coated galvanized steel

  • Capacity: 0.44 gallons or 1.7 liters

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