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Folco Orlandini, born in Grosseto in 1972, is a prominent figure in the field of industrial design. He graduated from Milan Polytechnic and, since 2009, has been working alongside his father Paolo and a team of young creatives at the "Orlandini Design" studio. Orlandini Design adopts a design approach that combines extensive professional experience with a keen focus on emerging trends, materials, and technologies. The studio primarily specializes in industrial design for residential and contract/office spaces. Their products are characterized by a strong emphasis on formal cleanliness, which involves designing technically sound solutions that are cost-effective and reliable while considering production challenges. The design philosophy of Orlandini Design is highly pragmatic, with a primary objective of creating tangible objects. They follow the entire design process, starting from the initial concept and navigating through a journey filled with obstacles and stimulating problems until the product reaches mass production. While ideas are considered precious raw materials, the ultimate goal of the studio is to transform these ideas into physical objects, marking the completion of their work. Orlandini Design's dedication to combining innovation with practicality has led to the successful creation of numerous products that cater to the needs of both residential and commercial spaces.

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