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The Rombo Rug collection, crafted by the innovative Studio MLR, stands as a splendid showcase of Scandinavian design principles, blending sustainability with aesthetic minimalism. Each piece in the collection, offered in shades of both gray and moss green, is expertly woven in India, marrying wool and jute to form a resilient, eco-conscious textile. The designs are characterized by a harmonious interplay of rhombus patterns and linear accents, adding a refined yet understated texture to any interior. This interplay not only reflects the natural beauty of the materials but also illustrates the studio’s commitment to creating designs that are both functional and visually appealing. The varied dimensions of the rugs, ranging from larger living room sizes to narrow options ideal for hallways, ensure versatility across different spaces. Whether anchoring a room with its soothing moss green tones or complementing an array of colors with its elegant gray variant, each rug in this collection promises to enhance the ambiance of a space with its understated charm and durable composition.

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