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Introducing Ring by Everlife Design, an expansive collection of wall-mounted accessories for both the bathroom and home. This innovative assortment, meticulously crafted by designer Monica Graffeo, effortlessly elevates the aesthetics of any space it graces. Each accessory seamlessly blends contemporary design with top-tier materials, ensuring not just a refined appearance but also long-lasting durability and safety. The mounting cylinder is available in various options, including the warmth of beech wood, the sophistication of matte black and matte white aluminum, and the timeless appeal of polished and chrome-plated finishes. Within this series, you’ll discover a diverse range of offerings, from single wall-mounted shelves to double wall-mounted metal shelves, wall-mounted toilet roll holders, and convenient kitchen paper holders. For those seeking elegance in towel storage, there are two distinct designer towel rack models to choose from. Completing the collection are wall-mounted clothes hangers, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance your home.

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