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The FRAGA Candle Set from blomus is a symphony of nature-inspired fragrances elegantly housed in colored concrete containers. Each candle carries a unique scent, ranging from fresh floral aromas to rich earthy tones, offering a subtle and light perfume to any room. The collection is crafted with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic soy wax that burns cleanly and produces minimal soot. Designed with sustainability and versatility in mind, these candles are free from palm and offer burn times that extend up to 55 hours for the large candles. Once the candles have burned out, the stylish concrete containers can be repurposed for storage or small plants, seamlessly blending with blomus linens, storage containers, and vases. The FRAGA Candle Set is not just about illuminating your spaces, it’s about creating atmospheres and sharing olfactory journeys.

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