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Coralina Blue

Introducing Coralina Blue, an exquisite floral china tableware set that encapsulates the ingenuity of one of the world’s most renowned haute couture designers, Oscar de la Renta. Drawing inspiration from the striking floral motifs featured in a dress designed for Vogue’s September 2006 issue, Coralina embodies the opulence and refinement that are hallmarks of de la Renta’s legendary creations.

Adorned with a rich palette of vibrant blue colors, this floral china collection showcases Oscar de la Renta’s unwavering passion for nature-inspired hues that are evident in his fragrances, couture clothing, and signature accessories. The Coralina Blue collection serves as a true testament to the splendor of this iconic fashion designer, offering an eclectic and elegant tablescape that echoes the brilliance of his artistic vision.

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