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Garnering the German Sustainability Award in Design 2021, the Ayno Collection epitomizes minimalist design underpinned by an extraordinarily resource-efficient production process. Marking Midgard’s first design since the 1950s, Ayno pushes the envelope of adjustable lighting, challenging the interplay between its origins and the present-day landscape.

An innovation legacy tracing back to the early 20th century forms the backbone of Ayno. Inspired by the observations of inventor and designer Curt Fischer, Ayno echoes his solution to poor factory lighting conditions. Fischer’s revolutionary invention, the first articulating lamp, countered the shadows cast by overhead lighting, delivering directed light to work surfaces.

The Ayno Collection builds on this heritage, offering adjustable lamps suitable for both wall and desktop usage. Its design encompasses an optional asymmetrical rotatable shade, providing users with control over direct light exposure. Through Ayno, Midgard continues its tradition of lighting solutions that blend functionality, user comfort, and sustainable design.

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