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Pilot Stool by Quinze & Milan, White

Pilot Stool by Quinze & Milan, White

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SKU: GS-pilotw

Quinze & Milan's Pilot Stool is not just an experiment in design of form but also a trial in a new method of fabrication. By using polypropylene foam in formed the seat of the Pilot Stool, designers Patrick Rampelotto and Fritz Pernkopf were able to create a product that is both glossy and matte, as well as preserve some sense of transparency of the material during the hardening process. The seat of the stools, which come in both white and black versions, takes a classic form and easily assembles with four wooden legs. Pilot Stool is offered in three different heights – standard, kitchen, and bar. Both a functional and a beautiful piece that is sure to match any interior décor.

Materials: Plastic, Wood

Sizes: Regular - 18.5" h, Kitchen - 24.8" h, Bar - 30.7"

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