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Oink Ceramic Piggy Bank by APR Design Studio, White

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SKU: GS-oinkpiggyw
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The white porcelain Oink bank references both the simplicity of a cork topped jar and symbolic characteristics of a pig; a re-envisioning of a piggy bank for the contemporary design lover sits perfectly anywhere from the modern office to a child's bedside.Cast porcelain, the Oink bank allows for both coins and bills to be stored. Pull off Oink's cork ears to access your hard earned savings.

Additional Info

Material - Lead and Cadmium Free Ceramic

Size - Diam 6" H 6"

The etymology of the piggy bank comes from Middle English pygg, which refers to a type of clay, used for making various household objects such as jars. By the 18th century the spelling of pygg changed and the evolution to piggy bank began. As the meaning transferred from the substance to the object so did its iconic references.

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